Monday, March 30, 2009

So I will start this blog with a story about my 6 year old son D, the one with Aspbergers'. Back in January he saw Rocky, actually all the Rocky movies except 6, I have not seen that one. (it was a marathon on TMC and I thought by today's standards they are pretty tame) And since than he has been Rocky obsessed. He can quote key scenes, he sings the songs, and pretends he is Rocky. He has even asked me to take him to Philadelphia to the art museum to see the statue. This weekend, to the disgust of my 8 year old C, I made him a CD of the rocky soundtrack and some of his favorite lines. Hey, it keeps him quiet in the car. But C does not share the Rocky fascination.
The one good thing is, when he is struggling he says he will not give up, because Rocky never gives up. To a kid struggling with aspbergers, ADHD, and Non verbal learning disorder, to not give up is a strong lesson, as well as motto. I see the struggle everyday when a kid with a 180 IQ can not tie his shoes and has trouble writing his name. I feel the pain everyday, when he says "I hate myself", "I hate you", "You are so mean", "no one will be my friend" and "I hate you C, you are so dumb!"(usually for no reason.) But like Rocky I need to go on, we need to go on. Like Rocky, he did not choose to be born into the life he was born into, like Rocky, he does not know how to give up, he just goes on. From a series of corny 70's-80's movies he has seen someone people perceived not to be smart keep going and succeed, and not give up. Just like he keeps going, no one can tell him he can't do something!
Like him I fight my demons, like Rocky we fight against the world. That is pretty much what this blog will be about. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, but real. And maybe help me work some stuff out in the process. I live for those two boys, they keep me here in the present and help me get out of bed everyday! We fight on....

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