Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hannah Montana.... And the monkey?

So here it is day 4 of April vacation and I decided to splurge and take the boys to a movie. C has been bugging me to take him to see the Hannah Montana movie, so he finally wore me down. I saw that it was rated G, had good reviews from other moms, and as C was so cute when he asked, I had to say yes.
(Side Note: This movie did not disappoint, pure G rated, no sex, violence or any questionable material. A great family movie for "tweens," and the singing was above par. Even had a message of when the fame is gone its friends and family that matter.)
My one fear was that D could not make it for the whole movie. He got mad when I said that. I told him its not his fault, he does not do it on purpose. And he cried so hard, I had to give him a chance. That's where the monkey comes in. He said he would sit if monkey could come. (monkey is a stuffed animal my co-worker brought him back from Epcot. Cute, with those Velcro arms.) He has not brought anything like that with him in a long time, at six he keeps saying he does not need it. But hey, if a monkey makes him quiet, all good with me. So monkey came. And they made it through with monkey only being on the floor once and hitting C once. I was proud of him, about 45 minuets into it he started to get restless and asked me to take him to the bathroom. I could tell it was a ruse, so I asked him if he could wait, and he said, rather loudly, " fine I will pee my pants!" But sat down for another 3o minuets until he climbed in my lap. He did good. A move theater is a hard place for a kid with ADHD and aspbergers. There is the sitting still, the not talking, the sitting, the dark and did I mention the sitting. But he did it, so it was a huge milestone for him. And he only cried about popcorn 3 times.(yeah, I would not buy it for him!) C loved the movie, I think Hannah Montana is his first crush, and he loves music, and plays the guitar(or tries to) so he sat riveted. like no one else was in the world, for the whole movie!

Than it was baseball practise. And D was back to his old self. Not only does he heckle his brother, he heckles the other kids. Laughs when they miss a ball, or drop a bat. Even says you stink. Oh my god it makes me want to crawl under a rock. Its the aspbergers, he does not have that social filter most people have. No concept of personal space and thinking in his mind. And when he is tired forget it. No amount of redirection will work. And after having to sit for a movie, he had all that energy to burn! It was cold and I am still sick and he was, well just D! To know him is to love him! You have to love him, what else can you do. At least C knows he does not mean it, he understands his problem, to a point. It is hard to be the older brother in this case more than ever. We will get there. School is doing more testing next week after vacation, a new plan of action will be formed for next year. Maybe the monkey can go in the backpack!

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  1. C loves Hannah Montana and Icarly. - but he won't admit it. He sneak wathces them LOL.

    The movie sounds fun. C has just learned to sit through a movie. I wonder how other parents get their three year olds to sit there. C is so loud and abrupt sometimes. I took him to see Coraline a few weeks back and he screamed in the middle "this movie is terrible and scary and I want to leave" there were only a few other families in the theater and another kid yelled out "ME TOO!" then another yelled out "shut up." We went to the bathroom for a break and then somehow I got him to go back in.

    It seems like you handle things so much better than you think. Monkey was a great idea and you know - maybe putting him in the back pack isn't a bad idea!