Thursday, April 2, 2009

I am really ticked off at the school today. When I picked the kids up from the after school program, which I pay for, D tells me he did not have lunch. It went something like this;"momma, you forgot pack me lunch, and did not give me money" So I opened his back pack and pulled out the lunch money. Which was still in the envelope I use to communicate with his teacher, that we send stuff back and forth in everyday. WTF!! Did she not check the envelope, so here it is 5PM and he has only had a snack since 10AM!! UGGG. Than D says, "I made a new friend", I said who, he says a "teenager" who came in the school yard to play tag with them during the after school program. Now a double, WTF!!!! Me felling is that no one but the after school program kids and and teachers should be in the school yard. The school is in the woods down a winding driveway mind you. I ask C about this, and he verifies the story, so needless to say when I bring them to school tom. people are going to get an earful from me. A "teenager" could be just as bad as a creepy adult, D would follow anyone! And he always looks to follow bigger kids. I am over protective I know. This is a sleepy little town, I know, but Molly Bish disappeared just 15 miles away down rt 9 people!
Today was a quiet day otherwise, capped off by watching SURVIVOR and Gray's Anatomy(my favorite show!) So my ever faithful hubby is calling me, someday I will get to finish what I start writing!

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  1. Maybe the Teen was a volunteer? Still a WTF is right - I would have cow. In C's old preschool we had a simmilar situation. I went to pick him up and his teachers were relaeased early and there were some aids in a different room and he was with them. I had to search the rooms for him. Once I found him I signed him out and we left. The aids didn't even ask if I was him mom. I was livid and certainly gave the front desk an earful. C was never left with the aids again.