Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I think I am all ready for Easter. I have the baskets filled, the Easter clothes set and the plans made for church. Iam going to use this Easter as an opportunity to ask God for a fresh start. To see spring as a chance to clear my head and heart. Maybe if I get back to basics I will see a way out of my troubles. Troubles that I have only made for myself, with my restlessness and my longing for more. But lately I have seen that the excitement maybe not worth the stress that comes with it. (to some that may leave you wondering, it is really a reflection for myself!)
D was pretty good today. He made it through C's baseball practice without any major issues. But he did sit and laugh when chandler was at batting practise and missed balls. But a stern look and a warning about a trip to the car quieted him down I think he was cold and tired and I really think he does not know how to express these things sometimes. Later when i was trying to get him in the shower he started to give me a hard time, but I am proud of myself. I walked away. I did not yell, I told him I would be back when he was ready to cooperate, and he started to get undressed, quieted down, and the rest of the night he was pretty good. Both the boys were asleep by the time hubby got home. So we had a some quiet time on the couch. The weather looks cold for this weekend, which is not good. I am running low on oil and really do not have the money for another delivery this week.
Thursday I have work, than off for 4 days! I just hope I can get through the day with out rooling my eyes at my mom too much.

Life is a game we learn as we go.
Sometimes we lead,
Sometimes we follow.
But always..... we learn.
Learn how to fall,
Learn how to get up,
And learn how to accept defeat, sorrow, and pain.
Some think love is easy,
Love is the hardest lesson we learn!

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  1. You are way ahead of me if you are ready for Easter. So far, I've only got C a shirt and some shoes - which I hope still fit! As for the baskets - I will have to dig in the storage shed for last years. The candy treats will be a Saturday night trip. LOL.

    Great job, in not yelling. Every once in a while I fall into the yelling trap. I hate it. It doesn't work, and I just get more upset. What's a mom suppose to do?