Friday, April 3, 2009

One , no one and a half agonizing hours leading a cub scout den meeting! No, I can not say that, the boys are not that bad,but two of them are overpriviledge, self centered, little boys. Now in my home my 8 year old C, is not allowed to watch pg 13 movies, and I have a no video game policy. We do not own a game system, and I do not plan on getting one. But here these two other 8 year old boys are telling him to go watch "Twilight" and I was like wait a minuet, and they actually said to me that I was a mean mom! C did not know what to say, he is still content to watch CARS and WALL-E and play with action figures and make forts in the back yard. What are these parents thinking, 8 year olds watching horror movies and playing violent video games, and talking about beer. I was appalled!!! I actually want them out of my cub scout group. It can be eye opening to listen to them, to find out what you need to watch for. Poor C, he asked me if there was anything wrong with him wanting to play with toy cars and watch his cartoons. I said no, I like you just the way you are! I want to keep my boys safe and innocent, to keep them kids as long as I can. I walk this fine line between sheltering and overprotecting them too much, and doing what I feel is right. (is that even a line?) They have plenty of time to find out the dirty parts of life and see the bad, I want to fill them with childhood dreams and nurture their imaginations. I am sorry, my felling is movies like "Twilight" and "Friday the 13th" and video games like "Halo" and "Grand theft auto" do not belong in the daily life of 8 and 9 year olds!!! And we wonder .. does anyone think like me?
1. I prayed to god to send me a friend I could connect with and be myself with, and than I emailed someone on f/b on a whim, and I think my prayers have been answered. I just hope that J feels the same.
2. M has still not talked to me, almost a week now. I had one small 4 word email from him. I think I have an unhealthy obsession with this and him. But it is my nature to need to resolve this.
3.D never stops talking! LOL He has to have something to say, if he can not think of anything he resorts to name calling of C, which leads to pushing between C & D and a fight. Boys , Boys, Boys!!
4. D has a photographic memory, really he amazes me!!! I love those boys.

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  1. Err, I cannot stand when bratty kids spoil the fun. We let C play video games with an E rating which means everyone and he is allowed to play one or two Teen rated games that S approved. But he is only allowed to play with S and only for 20-30 minutes. I would flip if another kid was telling him about Twilight! (Ironically I am reading the book right now and it is really good Ha, ha) Boys in general have such amazing imaginations, forts, cars, building towers out of blocks just to knock them down, and running for no reason should be fun for them well past 8 and 9. I feel he same way.

    I could write a book here. And I certainly am so excited to be talking with you. What took us so long?

    Not sure what #2 is about, but I can relate w/o knowing details. I cannot stand to unresolved issues. I harp on them, and pick them apart, overthinking every possible out come or reason. I just tell myself I am a lunatic and try to laugh - but it still bothers me, a lot. Good luck with that.