Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So I messed up last week and this past weekend. I made a very good friend who I love and care about very much mad at me with something that was all in my head. ( I tend to blow things out of proportion and get paranoid for no reason!) But now M is mad at me. He even told me to leave him alone for a while, which is killing me. My awesome, better than he should be to me, husband said give him time he will get over it. I hope so, M is like the big brother I always wanted, and never had.
I ran around today getting items for the baskets the school is raffling off this month. I swear they think I am made of money. Chandler's class is visiting the state house in June so we have to raise money for transportation. Good cause but, I am on a limited budget here people.
C's baseball practices start next week, hubby has a bunch of BSA trips this month and next, and me and D will hold down the home fort. He will be starting 4H on 4/15, I think working with the animals is going to be real therapeutic for him. Animals bring out the gentle side of him
I really need to work on why I over react so much, and why I am so worried about what people think of me. Hubby said people like me, I just need to believe it. I have to get the little girl who was put down and berated out of my head, and focus on the competent woman I have become. Easier said than done, let me tell ya!!!! And I can not stop thinking about what I will do if M never gets over being mad at me.

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  1. People do like you. I am sure M will come around. Just give him some room. Spring is on the way (eventually) and the clouds will clear. Both litteral and in friendship department.

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