Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tissues and Hugs

I think I should get mother of the year! Both C and D were home sick yesterday, but D really got over it early in the day. C just could not shake his temp, and was so tired.
Well this morning he was still a little under the weather and warm, but I talked him into going to school. ( I only work Tuesday and Thursday and they really get upset when I call in.) I told him to call me if he really felt bad. Well at 1PM I got a call form the school nurse saying he had a temp of 101.0!!! I was like I am coming right now, it only takes me 45 minuets to get home from Worcester mind you, and I flew. Probably from the guilt. When I got there he looked so sad and tired and sick, yeah.. right here ... mother of the year folks! usually I keep them home when they are sick, this will be the first and last time I make that mistake.

SO I took him to the doctor, who said it was viral but mono has been going around and to monitor him. So home we went, after a trip back to Worcester to pick my mother up from work because I had her car. Now he is sitting on the couch watching TV and looking so sad. But he insisted on doing his homework, that says alot about C. But D now is getting upset because he feels C is getting more attention, so he has to start the name calling and the pushing. This is the time of day when his meds where off and he gets testy when he is tired. I can not wait for hubby to get home!( now he is pinching the dog, I asked him why, he does not know why!)

The therapist I called for D does not have an opening until the end of May. I am debating if I should keep calling around. He needs some strategies for keeping his temper under control. Some times I get so frustrated I have to cry or I might blow my top. (D no Frisbees in the house!) I single handily keep the Kleenex company in business I swear. I am emotional in general though. And lately he tells these fibs that are so obvious.. I know he wants attention.. I have to help him see the positive ways to get it.

Well I better make dinner, replenish C's tissues and maybe I can relax by the time Dancing with the Stars is on. ( I know, call me crazy that is my guilty pleasure show. lol)

At least the sun is out!

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  1. You should totally carry suitcases with you - those guilt trips seems never ending. LOL But seriously - all mother's joke about mother of the year. When ever my judgement call isn't up to par I tell people I have Grade A Parenting.

    Hope your little guy feels better soon -