Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Too Tired to be Witty!!

Yesterday and today were total losses. By that I mean I really got nothing besides the normal household chores accomplished. I am sick with whatever the boys had, and the weather has just been miserable to say the least. Hubby got home from his camping trip yesterday around 1PM, and the boys and I had basically hung around all morning. So when he got home I took them to the park with A and her girls. Well it was cold, 45 and windy. I have said it before, spring in New England. So we toughed it out for about a half hour and than went back to A's house and the kids played inside. I went home around 6, to hubby sleeping on the couch, because you know, he had been gone camping with the guys! (Patriots day here in MA, legal holiday, reenactments and all that. He had been down in Lexington/Concord playing revolutionary war minuet men and "the shot heard round the world". We are nerds I know, but history buffs!)

So today, woke up to rain and a headache. Its school vacation week so I took my two usual work days off to spend with the boys. Thank god because I did not feel like doing anything. So we hung around, went to the library, took the dog for a walk and picked my mom up from work in the city. Real riveting I know! D was getting a little attitude this evening, so the TV went off and it was bed for all. I picked up a book from the library , "Change your child's behavior by changing yours!" Can't wait to see what it says, I guess it can't hurt. I made the mistake of looking at my bank account, three things went into the overdraft for a total of seventy five dollars in fees. One of them was my car payment, so tomorrow when I go to the bank to make a deposit I will still be behind. Yeah that's how I live my life, always one step behind.

So I will end this rather mundane post with some things my loyal reader may not know about me. Self indulgent I know....

1. I like koalas, lighthouses and dragonflies

2. I like to read classic English literature such as Jane Ere and Shakespeare

3. I suck at math

4.I like NASCAR and can be a little redneck at times

5.I love Dennis Leary

6.I am easily aggravated

7. My ideal vacation would be on a remote island in a lighthouse with my husband

8. I want to go to Australia some day

9. I have a fear of public speaking

10. I hate public bathrooms

11.If I could talk to my Dad one more time I would tell him I was sorry!

12.I get mad at myself

13.I can not parell park to save my life.

14. I can't sing to save my life.

15.I love to cook

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  1. Self indulgence is what blogs are for! LOL

    You are the best.