Monday, April 6, 2009

Yesterday, 3:45PM
Driving to baseball practise..

C: "Mom..."
C: "I want to go to Fenway!"
Me: "I know some day.. that would be the best day ever!"
C: "No, I want to go tomorrow!"
Me:" Tomorrow?"
C: "Yeah, its opening day!!"
Me: "I know, but even if you could get tix now, we could never afford it."
C:" I just wish I could touch it"
Me; "C... I love you"
C:" I love you to momma"

As I sat in the bleachers and watched the kids, I marveled at the pure love of the game, the rapt attention to the couch and the smiles. They did not care they were only at the little league field in Spencer MA, to them it was like spring training in Fort Myers. as a chill wind drifted across the field I watched them go through their drills and felt the love and pride for my little boy swell in my heart. Their couch is awesome, the nicest we have in the league, the league is so for the kids. There are the occasional parents with the big mouths, but for the most part it is the love of showing the kids the game. Than the wind changed and as spring in New England often does, it got cold. I wished I had more than a sweat shirt, and was wishing the van was closer with my winter coat. But as C looked at me and waved and smiled, I hugged my arms around me tighter and just sat and watched.
fast forward to today, I woke up to a cold rain, 35 degrees, and grumpy kids. I brought them to school, kissed them goodbye, and went home to clean my house and find out the Sox game was postponed. i was supposed to tape in for C and watch it with him tonight. He was bummed, but predicted a Win tom. I cleaned the house, watched the rain fall into the lake on my front porch, and was wondering if we should start building the ark. Folded the laundry, tried to call M, who did not pick up the phone, and decided I felt like s...! Walked the dog in the rain, picked up the boys from school, in the rain, and decided soup sounded good for dinner. So home made minestrone and toasted bagels, baths and prayers and waiting for hubby to get home. As I tucked C in to bed he said it best..."Good night Josh Beckett, I hope the sun comes out tom." To that D said, "Goodnight dumb butt". God I love those boys.... what else is there to say... GO SOX!

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  1. I am laughing so hard I am crying. My C is constantly saying things like "good night Jeff Gordon" or "good night Big Papi" and sometimes he lovingly add "don't loose the game / race tonight or I will be so stinking mad that I will tell the neighbors your a looser" To that I ussually just add "I love you son, goodnight."