Friday, May 8, 2009

Dr. "Rocky"

So yesterday hubby and I meet the social worker we want D to see. We had an hour long visit, where he asked for family backgrounds and to describe D and our concerns and the like.
I went well prepared and gave him the test results from the school back in 07 and his current 504 plan, and a letter from the pediatrician.

All in all I really like the guy. He is soft spoken, took me seriously, and told me he can help us. Like I told him, I have just been looking for two years for someone to say; "This is what D has", "This is how you can help him." He did not actually say that, but he gave me some light at the end of my tunnel. He told me if I did not like the school's testing, or if I felt it was not conclusive, I could appeal and have private testing that the school system would have to pay for. He said children's hospital in Boston was the best for testing of autistic spectrum disorders. He also told us not to give up and keep advocating for him, make noise until I get the answers I need.

But most importantly he told us we sounded like good parents who have really pushed for D. He said it is normal and alright to get overwhelmed and frustrated and even be closer to one child than the other. All things I struggle with. He said it sound like we do have a loving home and only want the best for the boys. I am so relieved! The struggle is not over, but one battle is won. Now we just have to get D there. He sounded a little more receptive last night. The guy's name is Rocco. ( go figure!) So I told him about D's Rocky obsession, and he laughed and said well tell him he can call me Rocky. So that might just get D in the door. So I am excited for D's appointment, I just have to wait two weeks! And I need to check with D's teacher and see if they have done any testing. They have to do it before June 10th, we have a meeting scheduled for that day,

Hopefully this weekend hubby will not get called out for work, he has no scout stuff scheduled, and maybe we can just all hang at home and get some yard work done. Sunday I have the family coming over for mother's day, so tomorrow I am going to make little baskets of goodies for mother's day gifts. A good way to give the mothers something and keep with in my budget. Little baskets from the dollar store, decorated and filled with homemade muffins and cookies. Yum-o!!!!

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  1. This sounds awesome! It must of been so good to hear Dr. "Rocky" say, it is okay to be overwhelmed and that it does happen. It sounds like he is going to be a great tool for you and your family. I am really excited about that.

    Hope you had a good mother's day! - Are you a Rachel Ray fan? Yum-o and all. I really like her.