Thursday, May 28, 2009


D has some new friends, they can be a bit messy, but they never ask me to come over my house. And they seem to bring the best out in D. Let me introduce you, Fuzzy Foot is a chicken, a Rhode Island red I think. Oreo cookie is a calf, and a bit shy. And the goat, well she speaks for herself, and has the cutest baby goat I have ever seen. They all live at camp Marshall in Spencer where D is involved in 4H and the adopt the farm animal program. Every Wednesday he goes for 2 hours to learn how to take care of the animals and play with them. He looks forward to Wednesday,and hopes every day is Wednesday! Next week he gets to ride the horses, this week he learned how to show a calf. I am looking to some how get the money so he can go to horse camp this summer. But, money and us is not a good thing. We live paycheck to paycheck, week to week. We survive, but it gets old. But that is a story for another day.
D has been OK, he has his good days and his bad days.(Even his good and bad hours!) I know what sets him off and try to avoid things when I can. But I am still giving in a little too much. I need to work on sticking to my guns. He finally got tested this week by the school department. I can not wait to see what they say. In two weeks he will be getting tested by Dr. Rocky, I want to see how the two compare. I think I want to stop his ADHD meds, I am going to talk to the pediatrician about it tomorrow. But the neediness of them both and the fighting, it is all going to push me off the deep end! Some of that, most of that, is age appropriate, brother stuff. But boy,is it annoying. I was thinking how much I miss the baby years. If I could go back I would enjoy them more and slow it down. And just keep reminding my self that first times only happen once, I think I took too much for granted.
So back to 4H and fuzzy foot. This whole experience is wonderful for them. How many kids get to experience farm life and work and just fall in love with these animals. Animals that most kids never get to interact with. I talked to the camp director about getting my cub scouts in there in the fall, and she was really receptive to it. (It is amazing how much I think about scouts lately.) And the joy in D's eyes when he talks about those animals and all he is learning. It is so good for him. I do not know what I am going to do when the program is over. I have to get him into regular 4H. He is going to miss it so much.

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  1. 4h Sounds like a real blessing! How cute that he looks forward to Wednesdays! Funny - I am a grown up and I look forward to the weekend becuase I know that at least on one day we always go out to eat :P)