Sunday, May 17, 2009


Prayers, there are many.Prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of need, prayers of pain and all emotions in between. I have been known to pray for things I just know God does not want me to have, or things I know are not good for me. God does not answer those prayers. And rightly so. But when I pray unselfishly, for others, those are often answered. Although not always in the way I like. I was raised in the Catholic church, but now I am really drifting. I go to church a few times a year. I have even tried to attend a congregational church, but through it all I pray. I have heard there is a difference between being religious and having faith. I definitely have faith, and have seen it work in my life. Not a day goes by that I do not pray. I tend to pray in the way I saw a good friend pray. Now gone, he was the grandfather of a close friend, who was a baptist minister. He married both my brother in laws and baptized my first niece. When he prayed it was like he was having a personal conversation with God. You could almost feel peace come into your heart. I could sit and listen to him pray and preach for hours. Now he is gone, that friend and I have grown apart, but his prayers live on in my heart. I pray when I am walking the dog, doing the dishes, working, and any time in between. Silent prayers for my self and others, often time thanking God for getting me through my day.
This last month I have seen the power of prayer in action. When people across the country have prayed for one common goal. People who do not know each other but are connected through a single friend, through a common prayer. And the prayer was answered! I friend I value so much has had her prayer answered in the most personal of ways. And it has renewed my faith in God and the power of prayer. But our prayers do not stop there. We will pray for the next nine months and the next eighteen years! And she will feel our prayers in her heart and her womb, and God will know which prayers to answer best. He knows what is in our hearts.

Now on a different note, now that I have gone all spiritual! Last night we had our end of year Blue and Gold banquette for cub scouts. It was awesome to see the boys in my den get their awards, and see their smiles. Especially C! Our cub master stepped down after 5 years, and I have taken his place. This is leading me on a whole new path I am unsure of. I do not know why I stepped up so suddenly to take his place. I usually like to blend in and work behind the scenes. This will put me in the forefront and make me talk in front of people and lead 40-50 cub scouts and their families and be a go between for them and our council. WHAT WAS I THINKING! So out of character for me. How I am I going to be able to do this? I already blundered some of my speaking last night. I should have notes. I will have to pre-write everything out I think. And learn to get attention, have people be quiet, and speak loud. And direct the boys and discipline when appropriate. OH MY!!!! Hubby and other leaders tell me I can do it, but I am so unsure of myself, always have been. Always have been so afraid of what others are thinking of me. So this could be good for me, or disastrous!!! I will keep you up dated. Plus I hate the politics that are an inevitable part of such organizations. Maybe this is God's plan for me, to get me out of my shell.

So that's it for now. A story of D will appear later. Thanks everybody for reading.

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