Saturday, May 2, 2009


So this past Friday I volunteered at the boys school for their belated Earth Day celebration. I have my CORI done and have volunteered in C's class a few time this year, so I was all set. But this time I was in Kindergarten with D! It was a busy, jam packed day. They kept everybody going. The school had everything planned quite well. The day started with a concert that the kids in each class sang earth day songs. Than a recycling presentation, and than I went and spent the day in D"s class doing crafts and helping with the activities. We had lunch, than the whole school went out and planted a tree, and then we finished the day in the gym to watch the Dr.Suess movie "The Lorax". ( If you have not read this book I highly recommend it!)

The little kids, I would say kindergarten to 4th grade, are so cute and so into things. To see the world through their eyes is awesome, to say the least. The 5th and 6th graders, well you can see a change coming. They look like they do not want to be there, and that the grownups are torturing them. I just want my boys to stay 6 and 8 forever!!! The sweet innocence needs to be savored! But it seems to me the girls are more susceptible to this change than the boys at this age. The girls seem more moody and less likely to listen to their parents. (I know, I see this first hand with my friend's 17 year old.) I like being involved, even if I just stand back and just observe. To see their lives make a difference, even though they will not admit it, I know they like yo to be involved. Well D will admit it, C to for that matter. C kept telling the teacher how sad he was i was not in his class. C and I are very close, but I needed to be with D also. But needless to say, I was quite tired at the end of the day.

On the volunteer front, I am taking over as cub master for our cub scout pack next year. I have been involved since C was a tiger cub, so about 31/2 years. But this will be a big step for me. I am not out going by nature, and this position is a lot of contact with organizing parents and other volunteer's, and acting as a go between with the pack and the council. Basically the person who runs the show. I really don't know why I want to do it. Because I am scared to death! But I was hoping being involved more would take my mind off other things, and our cub master, who is so awesome, is retiring after 10 years in the position. I was worried no one else was stepping up and did not want to see the pack disband, as Boy Scouts is a program that hubby and I really believe in. Hubby is an eagle scout, and helps run the Boy scout Troop, so this is a family affair. Everyone says I will be great. And hubby is assistant cub master, and the current cub master is helping me until December, so keep your fingers crossed. I will keep my readers updated on what happens. But really I have no self confidence. So maybe it will be good for me.

On the Scout front, C is on his first weekend camping trip with scouts. (With hubby too!) I gave in to the urge and called hubby's cell phone to check on them, and to my surprise he had reception. C is doing great during the day, but tonight he wanted to go home. He is missing me. But he is going to make it! I knew he was going to be a little nervous, but I really wanted him to try this. And his father is right there with him, so he is safe. I get nervous with his food allergies, but he knows what he can eat, and what to ask. I just have to let him do it, I keep telling my self he will be OK. Independence is as hard for me as it is for him.

I have an appointment with a child psychologist this Thursday for D. Finally, I have been trying to get into this guy since February. He wants to talk to hubby and I first and than meet with D. I do not know how I am going to get D to go when the time comes, he is dead set against talking to anyone. When he was 4 we took him to one who was not a good fit and maybe he is thinking back to that. But he needs help, or I need help, with his social skills and with expressing himself appropriately. ( and his anger) He tries to manipulate to get his own way, and when he is angry he has not got his own way he strikes out. And to get attention he uses inappropriate language sometimes. Like this weekend, I know he is having trouble with hubby being away for the 4th weekend in a row, and with C this time, so he is really acting out. Saying he wishes C was dead, and hitting and being just stubborn. And he needs help with his sleep, he does not sleep, and he still sleeps in my bed, I need help to get him to sleep in his own in a way that does not promote the power struggle I go through every night with the threats and than the bribes and finally giving in. I was recently told by the school psychologist he has separation anxiety(gee, you think!)and defiance disorder. That one I am not buying. The aspbergers can sometimes be confused for that, so we will see what Mr. R says.

Well I think some ice cream sounds good and a CD. I am hooked on John Rich's new CD, "Son Of A Preacher Man", and have been playing that over and over. Maybe I will put it on my i-pod for work tom. Hmmmm.......

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  1. I cannot remember if I commented on this last night or not (LOL) Sorry if it is repetative.

    I am really happy your appoinments with the therapist are just around the corner. I am praying that they will be able to offer some sound structer and advise that will help you guys out.

    You are too funny, about calling to check in on the boys durring their trip. I would have done the same thing!

    I hope everyone is home safe and sound by now.