Friday, June 5, 2009

Life ain't aleays beutiful....but its a damn good ride!

I have not posted all week, so I have a lot to catch up on. So I will break it down into paragraphs, and hopefully not bore the pants off anyone.

Monday: I fell down my attic stairs and got such a big bruise on my back side that I am too sore to sit for long still. I am a klutz, it runs in the family!

Wednesday: I went to the State House with C's third grade class. I have to say I had a real good time! The kids were so behaved, the day was sunny and the traffic was not too bad. We really got hocked up with our tour. We got to go on the floor of the house of representatives,(where the public does not usually get to go!) and in the Senate chamber. We had pizza with our representative, Mr. Alicia, and met Senator Brewer, who really was nice to the kids. I just wish we were not on such a time restriction. All the kids wanted to go over to the public gardens and the swan boats. They got a glimpse of the make way for ducklings statue and were really excited. They all worked hard preparing for this trip and learned a lot. And it was funny seeing these kids from our small town see Boston. They really were amazed, and so cute! Than D got to ride a horse at 4H ad I got some awesome pis of him and his cow. Wednesday was definitely the highlight of the week.

Thursday: The boys had their spring concert at school. I almost lost it with stress,because I got out of work, picked them up at 5PM, and had to have them back to the school by 6:30PM! I am not good under pressure. But we got it done. And when it was over we went to DQ and had ice cream for supper!

Friday: M called. Not good because he got me at a vulnerable moment and I went and talked to him. I do not think anything was resolved, I am right back at square one! But I was able to leave with my head high! Enough said.

Random Notes:
1) I love living in a small town. I am finally a "townie" as I walk in the school, the store, or the square and meet at least 5 people I know by name. Everyone watches out for you, everyone knows your kids and you know theirs and its a community.

2) I hate living in a small town, people know things even before you tell them.

3)I think I am getting really board at my job, after the 13 years I have worked there in one capacity or another. I keep falling asleep at my desk!

4) I am glad I have a job!!

5)C is growing up too fast. Last night he ran off with his friends and was not even scared! He used to be stuck to my side. Now he wants to stay up late!

6) D is the same on or off his medicine. For that reason I am not giving it to him. Talk therapy and behavior modification work just as good and I know his triggers and can redirect him. The school finally tested him and he saw the speech teacher today. About F--Ing time. Our meeting is only the 10th!

6)D wears me out!

7) I have been feeling pretty good about myself lately!

8) I have an incredible amount of guilt in that, as I am really upset about the pain my friend is in! If I could take it all away I would. She does not deserve it and I am praying as hard as I can for her. I wish I had the right words!

9)I am wondering why I am always tiered, I think I get enough sleep.

10)I wish I did not have to work Sunday.

Well, I have written better I think. But what else is a blog for but to ramble on to yourself.

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  1. You know, you sound like a great mother, and I know you are a great friend. I wonder how I got along with out you? How strange that we knew each other so long, but didn't at the same time. I am so glad the way things worked out.

    And please, don't worry too much about me. I cleaned like crazy. I cried until I had to throw out my pillow -there was no saving it! and I recleaned everything and cried some more. today - dare I say, I actaully feel better. Not that I am not still upset, but atleast I can breath. Medication is a wonderful thing for some. Ha, ha. Really though, I am feeling better. Scott & I are trying to come up with a plan to try again. I'll let you know when I figure it out.