Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mess ups are part of life....right?

So, when I write in this blog I usually write the first thing that comes to my mind and usually it is because something is weighing heavy on said mind. I always forget that people do read it and are not privy to every thought and detail of what is happening. So I guess sometimes I can insert foot in mouth! Really, I started on Facebook and this blog to fill my time when the kids are in school so I am not sitting and thinking about JM all day or dwelling, which I still do. The same reason I dived head first into scouts with C and D, to be productive, and so something for the community.(besides scouts being a program I believe in for helping boys as they grow up.) So when I wrote my last post it was kind of self pity in a way, my interpretation of how something played out. But it was not all the way I made it out to be, so for S & C C, I am sorry. It was a big misunderstanding and I should have just called and told you my concerns. ( I hate confrontation, but I have to put things on the table, lately that's how I am, I hate the un known)But we talked, and hopefully all is behind us. How does life get away from us? How come there is so much to take up time? Friendships and other relationships take time and work and, I guess we just have to be patient. I know, I know.........

In other news: D had a MD appointment yesterday and we are trying a new med for him. Strettara, I have to do some research on it, but it does have an anti-anxiety component which he really seems to need. I am torn as usual though as I sit on the fence on meds. But the last couple of weeks he has had trouble listening to me, and focusing, and just relaxing. He is always on guard. It breaks my heart that he thinks he has no friends and no one loves him. God, he is my world, just being with him so much can be frustrating, to say the least. I need to work on my reactions to him, not yell as much. I am reading an awesome book on NLD and Aspbergers Disorder, I can not wait to put some of it in to practice. This week we did make progress on the bathroom, 4 poop free pants in a row!!!!!!! And he went to the bathroom without me asking twice!!!!!!! That Rocky poster is his. Wait to he sees it, I found it on Ebay and it is signed by Stallone.

School is out, I must find ways to entertain them, for little to no money. The public library and town beach, and trips to the park are all great for that. I also hope to go camping at least twice, and work on D's name with him and C's multiplication tables. Fourth grade and first grade will be adjustments for them both. But we have good IEP's in place, if the town can find a way past the school budget impasse, and not lay any More teachers off! That town meeting sounded like a doozzy. Wish I had gone, I forgot about it. Class sizes just have to go down.

I decided I am not doing the parade on the 11th with the pack, too many kids are out of town and I am just beat from a busy spring. I will send an email out on that. C's party is on the 4th, the usual are coming. I bet I will have a good blog on that. Thursday hubby and I are going to Thompson speedway if all works out. His parents are watching the boys. Lately my mom can just not handle D, she yells at him if he "farts" I swear. The are like oil and water. Maybe it is because she is getting old, or maybe just her "crazies". Who knows.

Well off to work.....

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  1. Drama.

    I am sorry your friends got a little or a lot bent on your post. It is hard to balance feelings / honesty / & a different point of view on a blog. I rant and rave all the time and most of it is so biased and rediculously far from another view of the same situation that I get the same response sometimes. A few times I have just bluntly said, "well, don't read my blog" and other times I felt really bad and had to patch things up. Hopefully your appologies were well recieved. I'll be thinking of you.