Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taconic State Park

Awwww, my blog, I have neglected you so! With the boys out of school and the rush of summer it has been too long.

Last weekend we went to Tatonic State Park in Copake New York. It is right over the boarder in the Berkshires about a 2 hour drive from my house. The main reason I planned the trip was the hike to Bash Bish falls, which did not disappoint. Despite all the rain, and mosquitoes and mud, it has to be my new favorite place on earth. The falls were awesome, the water so clear. I did not think streams up here could be that clear. It was just beautiful all around and the state park was clean and well kept and really nice. I will definitely be going back. I could have done without the thunderstorm Friday night that left mud in front of our tent and a mushy site the rest of the weekend. (note to self: do not book a site so close to the bathrooms!) I also could have gone without the boys playing in the van and running down the battery so we had to ask the guy the next site over for a jump Saturday afternoon. I also could have gone a weekend without the boys fighting as usual and D's tantrum on the way home for chocolate left over from the s'mores. And also could have gone without hubby getting snippy every 2 minuets when the tent did not go up as fast as he wanted and that I had forgot 3 things. (Hey I packed the whole van and everything all by myself with 2 nagging boys, your lucky I only forgot 3 things!) But hey, it would have not been a B family trip without all that , right? Can not wait to go camping again!!!!

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  1. How come we always get stuck packing everything! It is a blessing and a curse, if we pack we know we have everything for the kids and we know they will not be wearing snow boots with shorts and a pajama shirt all at the same time, but then a curse becuase we feel totally responsible when we forget stuff. Don't feel bad - when S and I went to Russia for two weeks - I forgot pants. No pants for him or me. Only one pair of shorts for him, and his suit for court and for me one pair of shorts and a skirt. The shorts we were wearing on the plane! Wouldn't have been a W family trip with out that. LOL

    The place really looks wonderful - I am jelous!