Monday, July 6, 2009


So D would not take the Strettara. Would not or could not its hard to tell. At my wits end last Wednesday I STOPPED at the doctors office and asked where we could go from here. So we are back to the old med and I am supposed to call a child psychiatrist Which I am doing as soon as I am done writing this, as the holiday weekend is now over. But, now that I am deep into the book I am reading on NLD and AD, I am gaining valuable insight to his condition and where to go from here. I will keep you updated. I have learned there is no normal day, and everyday is new!

Other News:

C's b-day party/4 th of July bash went well. I think everyone had fun and the rain held off. There was the silly string incident. I learned my mom does not like anything fun or remotely messy. She kept asking what was in it, if it was toxic and was trying to pick it up off the grass. Even after I assured her it was bio-degradable. (check out the picture of the cake!)

Last Thursday we got together with friends we had not seen in what seems like a year, even though it was probably like 9 months. I had fun. I was afraid things would be strange and seem forced after the misunderstanding I started. But it was cool. I felt like I had gone "home". It was familiar and I missed them. I hope we can be better at staying in touch. It is so hard with work and kids. Like I said before, there is effort involved.

The M person, J, did not come to the party. A and the girls did. I was kind of glad in a way because it was easier for me to be relaxed and not feel bad. But,guiltily, I missed seeing him. It would have been good to just hang as friends again and not have that tension. We are getting there, it will take time. I do miss him, feelings are hard to let go of. JW, she said its ok to miss him. I guess its a normal feeling. As long as I keep it to myself. If you have not been there its hard to explain. I'll try some other time.

Hubby and I are good. He has been on vacation and we have actually had some time together. I missed that. He went in door rock climbing with his brother yesterday, they need to spend more time together. I was a little on edge from my mom, so he probably felt that tension. But really it was not him.

Mom had her eye surgery today and all went well. In and out in four hours, although I had to get up at 4AM to bring her. I will go pick her up and bring her back to my house for dinner. I brought her home so she could sleep without D bugging her. Plus, she really has to get off D's case. It shows that she likes C better I swear. I know he is hard to pin point sometimes, but she eggs him on. Probably unknowingly, but she has to let up on him.

Well, I better go check on the boys. Its almost time to go pick C up from camp. AHHHHHH....

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  1. I am so glad the rain held off for the 4th! Sounds like you've had a pretty good couple of days. Catch up on that sleep you missed and you'll be good to go. :P)