Saturday, August 15, 2009

Daytrana......Where have you been?

Daytrana is a new ADHD med in patch form that controls symptoms for 9 hours in a level form. D has been on it for 3 days now, today being day 3. The difference is noticeable. It takes some time to kick in when the patch is first placed on, but once it does, he is much easier to re-direct, he listens better, and is a little less angry. (Little being the key word) I am trying not to be too excited as it is only day 3, but I may see the little glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I am defiantly optimistic. If he was a little calmer he would be easier to work with on the other issues. Though the disappointment of "Dr. Rocky" saying he can not help any further has finally lessened, I am frustrated to wait for Children's friend to have an opening in their social skills groups, as I am sure he would benefit so much from it. School will be starting and OT will be picking him up, she seemed like she had a thread for me to hold on to when we met the end of last school year. Both D and C have reservations about going back to school. I am working on it being just normal jitters. C is worried about the work load 4th grade will bring, while D is worried that no one will play with him in 1st grade, that seems to be a real source of anxiety for him, no one liking him. He even worries about all of us liking him

I have realized I have been able to write this post with both boys in the room and them not fighting or overly nagging me. And D just calmly asked to go outside, see little steps that give so much hope to my heart. If he could see how much he is loved.

Well, I know I am way behind in my posts and have so much to say, but that will have to wait for later. I have to go pick up my overly dependant mom and bring her shopping. My mind will have to overflow another day.

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