Monday, August 31, 2009

Why I Love East Brookfield(a breif commentary)

Tonight I received the sweetest phone call. I was making dinner when the phone rang, I picked it up and heard" Mrs. Boucher?" and I said yes...... well it was C's 3rd grade teacher who I had a good relationship with and has since retired. At the end of the last school year she had invited us out to her house for lunch. She lives in a old farm house and has a colonial burial ground on her property and knows I share her love of history and antiques. More importantly she thinks very highly of C. So she was calling to talk to him and give him a pep talk on 4th grade, which starts tomorrow, and make good on her lunch invite.
So on Monday we are headed out there for lunch and for me to tour the old cemetery.(yeah, one of my hobbies is history of old cemeteries, real morbid I know) It meant the world to C that she did not forget and that she called him to say she knew he would do great in 4th grade. He had been getting a little nervous about that. And I was thinking, would these type of relationships be formed in any place other than my small town? Would a teacher, since retired, go out of her way to make good on a invitation and think to help calm the nerves of a former student, any place other than my small town? Maybe, other small towns around the country, and close communities. These are the people we need to teach our children. These are the people who are few and far between. The teachers who still care enough to go the extra mile. But this is also my town. Where everybody really knows each other. Where everybody has a connection. Where I can't go out to the mailbox without having a half hour conversation with someone I know. I always get teased because people think I live in "Mayberry", but who wouldn't want to live in Mayberry ? Old Victorians, white steapled churches, town squares, and chicken BB Q's. That's where I 'm from. That's why I moved out here 9 years ago.

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  1. That is so awesome that C's teacher called! I might be a little jelous there. :P)

    Cementaries are the neatest things when you don't know anyone who is permantly stationed there. I think that is a definite New England trademark! When I lived in Princeton we use to take field trips for school to all the old cemetaries. I loved it - and still do.