Friday, September 25, 2009

An open letter to the JHC

Dear Powers that be at the Jewish Health Care Center,

In the past fifteen years that I have worked for you I have been a pretty dependable employee. When I was out after having my children and was supposedly on per diam, you changed my hire date. When I asked why, you told me it was because one has to work so many hours within a calender year to be considered still employed. Which I guess I had not. But, when I came back I did not have to re apply, I just started back to work. Huh? But I did not put up a stink. I may have brooded about it and was pissed. But I let it go.

Now here I am. Told I must resign or be fired. Because certain people in my office waste time and goof off it looks like there is not enough work for us all. Because you hired too many people to fill that office and now the budget is strained. Because after all my years with on the job experience you decided to go outside to hire a "lead" Diet Tech. Now the hours I have worked for the past two years suddenly do not fit "the needs of the department." I tried to come up with alternatives, others did to. I would have worked every day 7-3. I just asked to work during the day and leave to pick my kids up by 5. I guess i came down to money. Who wants to pay me when you can pay others less. Who wants to pay me the same as they are paying someone who has a degree in the field. So, I guess that's my fault because I should have gone further in school. So I agree with you on that. But I am hurt. I would have taken a pay cut and moved back into the kitchen and worked the line. I would have switched to another department. In fact I know it disturbs you HR lady that I am picking up hours in inventory control. But that is only per diam, I can't live on that.

So I will file for un employment. Are you going to fight it? You have for other people. I know those were different circumstances, but I still worry.

Thank you JHC for the years of employment and "fun". Thanks for the friends I have made. And "thanks" for the M person. Yeah, really, I could have done without some of it. Thanks for working with me all these months.(really!)

The bitter employee

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  1. Don't you feel better now? I love open letters. I write them often :P)

    Hang in there.