Monday, September 14, 2009


So I am worried D. I usually am, but more than normal this time. I was running out of his med and the insurance co is stringing me along with the prior authorization thing. So this weekend we did not give it to him to save it for school today and tomorrow. Well the weekend was horrible, to say the least. His behavior was the worse I had seen in a while, with the name calling and temper tantrums and all around disobedience. But today, when I gave it to him, he was unusually sad and quiet. Granted he was upset because hubby came home from work late and they did not get to play outside, but it seemed when I picked him up from school he was quiet , very unusual. Than than the hiding in his room and sadness. I remember in the back of my mind from reading the drug insert that depression was one of the side effects. I have to go on the web site and research that farther. I don't know if it was from not having it all weekend than starting it up again, or just he was having a off day. I am just so use to watching for any sign that it is bothering me. I am going to check on him a lot more tonight.

And I think C needs to back off the ice cream. Maybe it is puberty starting, but he seems to have put on weight that is noticeable. I mean not bad, but noticeable. I would never call it to his attention, I don't want to give him a complex. But I need to start watching what he eats.

Tomorrow I have to get up extra early. My mom has to be to work by 6:30, and I have to ride with her, so I will be there early. Which really does not go well with the other problems I am having there. In fact I just don't want to go. In the back of my head I am thinking that if I do not show up maybe they will fire me and put me out of my misery. I want to work, just not there. I just am so done with them. My job search will start.

On the getting up early, I have been having trouble staying awake while driving any distance lately. I mean today I even went through a red light with like no clue. I am scaring myself. I get enough sleep, but when I sit in the car for any distance it is like I am exhausted. And anywhere I drive is a distance since I live in the boon docks. I don't know if I should mention it to the doctor when I go for my physical next week. Maybe it is a thyroid issue, or I am anemic or something. But I do not like this at all!

Well, off to bed and to check on D. Maybe I will take him into bed with me.

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  1. Oh Man, you should totally tell the doctor about getting sleepy behind the wheel. that use to happen to me when I was borderline diabetic. Be careful and don't be afraid to take care of your self.

    I can see that the issue with D has you super worried. Medicine like that builds on itself right? So if you take it away for a few days a crash is inevitable and not just with outward behavior. As they say, that is a hard road to travel. Hang in there - everything will be okay.