Friday, October 9, 2009

I'll keep the window open hubby

I think i am starting to come down with a cold or something. All of a sudden I feel sick. Hot, and sore and just yuck! Maybe the stress is catching up with me, the lost job, the bills, the kids and most of all the hubby.
I understand the hours he has to work are not his fault. He can not control who needs what and where and when. But maybe he could speak up and say "hey, my kids miss me, could some of you guys step up here." I know he has tried that and they blow him off. But yeah, he can come across as bossy sometimes. But to come home as late as he does, and expect me to get him dinner and than be grumpy when I ask a single question. To wake me up at 6 Am to make his lunch and "help him out." And than grump around and run out the door with out saying a word to me. No, just hate that. And complain about having to pick up my mother for work when he has her car for days on end, and I am left to shuttle her on the other end. No Right! And to leave a car sitting in the drive way that he could fix and drive real easily, and make excuse after excuse, no sympathy. I have not even tried to call him today, and I won't, really he could make the effort to stay home this weekend instead of camping. D has his first horsemanship class Saturday AM, there are leaves to rake, house things to be done and kids to see. But run off camping, when you know half the other guys have backed out. Its raining! I don't know, maybe I am bitter. I have just wanted someone to hold me and brainstorm ideas on jobs, and help me figure things out. I instead I get the standard "We'll think of something", and "don't lay on me, I am sore." And now the very favorite, "well I am working, some one has to." Like this is my choice or my fault they eliminated my position. But, the window will still be open when he is ready to come in. (some of you may be able to get that, Bella, book three) Today I just don't know what to do. I cleaned the house, i wrote emails and I took care of the animals and got the kids off to school. Now I will pick the up and go to Worcester to pick my mom up and start the evening game of guess when Hubby will come home. I can bet the kids will be in bed and everything neat and tidy. Just like he likes it.

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  1. Men! Make him make his own lunch, you need your sleep. LOL - even when things are great, they have no idea the amount of things we do with out "help".

    Even S can be completely clueless. last night he phoned me and left a message saying he'd cook appatizer type things for dinner. when I got home he asked me if I'd go to the store to buy the stuff. Moron. I opened the freezer and took out a pizza.