Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Odds and Ends

Today I was really depressed. As you can see I am here writing again. But I feel like the world is coming out from under me. I need oil, and have no money, I need gas in the van, but need money. I need to get to the bank tomorrow to cash check and get said money, but have no gas to get there. Bank is in Worcester, I am in East Brookfield. (aka, east chuck nowhere, or so it feels today) Really, what has this stimulus plan done for us...NOTHING! And the more I think of work and how I left the more depressed I get. All those years, all good job performance reviews, and I was told I had to leave. Because I could not find child care. I feel like roiling over and giving up i swear. I just wish my hubby would hold me, or talk to me. I have to stop this poor me shit.

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  1. Don't worry , things will get better.

    Does your oil company have a year round plan? You might be able to due a budget plan for each month of the year instead of paying huge amounts in the winter. (just an idea) With our company they monitor our use and fill we never have to call and our bill is the same each month.

    Also, I think there is the stimulus thing with Worcester county to have a rebate from heating costs from last winter. My cousins were telling me something about it (they live in Rutland) I'll shoot them an email and see if they remember any contact info or criteria. Although it could have been only for county workers.