Friday, October 9, 2009


Its rare that I write twice in one week, never mind twice in one day. But today there is so much on my mind, I have to get it out there.(In my teens I wrote all day every day, poetry and diary entries, wow how did I have time!)

1) D, he eats so little. I am having a hard time getting him to eat. I would make him anything to get him to eat. He is so skinny and little. Put a call into the doctor to see what he suggests.

2) D is making noises un consciously. Moans, and hums, and other little things in a repetitive fashion. I ask him whats wrong and he says nothing. He does not even realize he is making noise. Also going over with the doctor.

3) D's anxiety is worse. He worries about driving in the car, people leaving, trees falling, trash on the roads, his pants being straight, buggers in his nose. You name it he worries about it. To the point he has to stop what he is doing to ask me to check him every few minuets. It is going to be a long talk with the doctor.

4) I am afraid I will not find a job.

5) I am afraid un employment will not be enough.

6) I worry about me and hubby, I feel like we are not connecting.

7) I worry about how much I am attached to my "friend"

8) I am sick of the cat messing up my house

I guess D is not the only one with a problem about worries! I was doing good, but hey, at least I am keeping them to myself and not freaking out. Hubby likes that.

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