Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Snow

I admit it, this year I am loving snow. I have been waiting for the weather to turn more December like and for the snow to fall. Maybe it is because I do not have to go to work and I can just sit back and watch it fall. But whatever it is, I am glad its here. I finally feel like it's Christmas time!

Today we went out to breakfast, went to get hubby a hair cut, a few other mundane errands, and than we went to cut down the tree. It is the first time in probably four years we have got a real tree. I just felt like I wanted one. So I actually have two trees up. The real one down here in the living room and the fake one up in my room. I always thought two trees would be cool. I certainly have enough ornaments for two. I have been collecting them since I was little, and than add all the kids. So the one in the living room is the real one with colored lights and cute decorations all done by the boys. No tinsel or garland, so the pets won't eat it. The one up in my bedroom is the artificial one, all done up Victorian and pretty with white lights and all mt breakable decorations. My house might be small, but one think I like about it is my large bedroom. The whole front of the house, which allowed me that opportunity. I love Christmas, love to decorate and bake, and surprise all my friends and family. If I only had more money! I spent way too much of that this week, and today. But all my Christmas shopping is done.

We are trying to work with the mortgage company to get our December payment deferred, which it looks like it will be. And get a modification on our loan. As soon as that is set, we will be talking to HUD. I am hoping to get some type of refinance through them. What happened to all that stimulus money for mortgage help? Huh Obama? And the un-employment rate is down? Don't think so! its just people like me who were denied and now can not get through to refile a claim. That's why the numbers go down a percentage. I feel like God had blessed me that I can keep my head above the water just that much. Pray that something comes through with the applications I filled out this week.

I always feel so crazy when we are out and we are constantly telling D to sit and calm down and C to lower his voice. This Am was harry until D's medicine kicked in. And hubby, he just gets so annoyed at those times. I feel like the family in the Christmas story, always telling Ralphie he will put his eye out.

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