Sunday, December 6, 2009

Must we always make a scene........Must we?

Yeah that's us. Everywhere we go I feel like we have a "Look at us, we mess up sign" taped to our backs. Today it was church. My mom was supposed to meet us at church for 9 am this morning. We get there, and she is not in the parking lot. So we go in. D has to sit right up front in the first pew . Well, there was a lot to get him going. The Nativity was up, but with no people. "Where is baby Jesus?" he loudly asks. Than the absence of Nana. The alter servers are coming out, no Nana. The priest is walking down, no Nana. Mass is starting, no Nana. So he must get upset, and loud and want me to call her, in the middle of mass. He was already in a mood, because he was single minded about the family Christmas party, than add no Nana. So by now I am thinking something is wrong, and he is crying. So I am thinking to my self "Shit, she fell on what ever little snow there was." So I take D out to the back and call her, phone keeps ringing. I quiet D down and walk back into church. He starts to cry and it is getting to the middle of the gospel. I am sure the whole church knows by now. Remember, we are right in front. So hubby leaves church, right before the consecration, to go look for her. She only lives 5 minuets away, so soon enough he is back towing her, walking right up the middle isle, as the priest is turning water into wine. The whole church looks. Come to find out she did not fall, she locked herself out of her house! Yup, coming and going from church, during mass, crying kid, C falling asleep. We make an impression that's for sure. Can we ever just blend in? Just once people?

But the family Christmas party was good. Yeah that was okay. No scene there, I think. I had fun , loved seeing everybody and all the kids jump on Santa. I just felt bad. I wish my gifts for everybody could have been better. There was so much I had floating around for ideas, but I have to be practical with what little money we have. And I love picking gifts out for people! Hopefully next year we will be in a better place. I know its not about the presents. I was happy we were all together. And I had fun making all the goodies Friday. I really do love the holidays. I thought I was something with two tress, but than our friend Jason tells me he has six! (Show off! But he does have a big house) Well, lets see if we can make it to the next function or outing without a scene. I have noticed that the scenes are usually caused by my mother. Hubby refers to her as the N1. (As in H1N1) Well, off to bed

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  1. N1 HA I am going to have to use that. Also I love the part - where you say - I think, I had fun. Your candor is hilarious.

    Who cares if you always make a scene. So does everyone else, not matter how old, young, rambunctious or quiet their kids are. I love that Todd just totted Nana down the middle aisle. Hee hee. Really Catholics in general are one of the few religions that even have their kids in the church during services and it is perfectly acceptable to leave a service to tend to your children in those places so don't worry about it. At least you got there.