Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On holidays, cold and crazy thoughts!

I sit here listening to the musical score from New Moon (not the soundtrack, but the instrumental stuff) and thinking of all the stuff I want to write. When I was in high school I thought of myself as a writer along the lines of Thoreau, Frost or Emerson. Now I realize I just write sappy stuff. Oh well, give up the dream. On to the good stuff, ,,,,,,

The holiday was good. I enjoyed myself, for once. It was busy but not overwhelming. The boys play at church was disorganized and adorable. Shepard's going the wrong way and baby Jesus sleeping away while "her"sister ran all over the church. And the worse soloist in town. But it was so beautiful on the alter and with the church packed, Christmas eve felt almost like when I was a kid. Than dinner at my moms and the in laws came and everyone had fun. It was close to perfect. Until hubby came home late and had a backache. He was a little bitchy. But it can't all be perfect. Christmas morning was more of the same with the usual toy explosion in the living room. I managed to get the boys what they wanted, even though I was working with a limited budget. Thanks eBay!!! I think Christmas on a budget helped, it took the focus of the material and I just enjoyed my family. (see sappy) But, hubby did get me a new digital camera. Spent his whole bonus on it! I was totally shocked.

Its cold! I mean crazy cold. I hope my oil lasts. Did I mention that the check I payed for the oil with bounced. Yeah....the story of my life. And its cold...did I mention it was 9.

We got some help from HUD to reduce our interest rate to 3.53 for the next six months. Thank God! By that time I hope I have a job or at least an un-employment check. I am still waiting for my hearing date with the labor board. My old boss told me if The JHC does not show up I automatically win. She plans on not showing up. I do not know about the bitchy HR lady though. But I have all my documentation ready! I will win!!

D finally got into Children's friend. He has an appointment with a new therapist next Thursday. She is going to do her own independent testing. If we can get a definite diagnosis of high functioning Autism, it will open the way for what he needs. So far the school department has said, yeah this is probably it, but we don't want to label him. So trying!

Tammy.....(hate that name) He says he has not talked to her. But, I saw her name on his cell phone. The last time Sunday night. He says it is nothing. I am full of doubt. The dilemma, do I confront it and admit I have been going through his cell. Or just let it go. Is it a case of pay back is a bitch and I need to deal with it, or am I right? Do I have the right to be mad? I am! J & S, we have talked about this. But it is giving me nightmares. I need him! I would be worse than four chapters of blank pages, if anything happened. (so dramatic I know! Maybe not that bad! lol )

Celebrating Christmas with my brother in law and sister in law, and nieces tomorrow night. With my brother Saturday and than D's 7th birthday Sunday. A week of celebration. A good way to send out the year. I forgot half of what I wanted to write....oh well

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  1. I really had to ambition to do anything when I was younger. Even if you thought you'd match Emerson and realized that might not come to fruition at least you had something - mushy, sappy or the likes. I was what one would call... UNMOTIVATED. LOL.

    Sounds like the holiday was really fulfilling. I am so glad to hear that. Maybe when you celebrate with sister & brother in-law you'll get a DVD player for the car. (ha,ha)

    T - I don't care for that name either. Be suspicious. Flirting isn't okay when it makes you this upset. It isn't fair. The past is the past and you don't have to pay for that in "creative" ways. Guilt was enough.

    Hang in there - keep the positive attitude. You're doing a great job.