Sunday, January 3, 2010


Where to start? Tuesday last week I sneakily checked hubby's phone while he was in the shower, again. (Of course this is so wrong and bad I know) It was than that I saw HER name come up on several occasions throughout the week. Fire must have sprang from my eyes, I could feel it heat up inside me. So I walk into the bathroom and proceed to ask him, while he is still in the shower mind you. I said, "Did you talk to Tammy lately?" of which he responded "Nope". Okay...i gave him two more opportunities to come clean and he still said no. So I said, "What if I know different?" Silence. I confessed to looking through his phone. He said, "Well.... I knew you would be upset and get all crazy." "Really," I said, "Do I look all crazy?" I proceeded to remind him that all I asked for in the weeks before Christmas was the truth. I had told him if it is really just a friend thing he did not have to hide it. I than called him an ass, threw the TV remote, why I was holding that in the bathroom I have no idea, and left the room slamming the door! A couple of minuets later I was calm and went back to finish the conversation. I can not leave things unsaid or unfinished, never have been able to. (maybe I need the last word) He than came clean and said he has been talking to her, but he has stoped the flirty text messages and it has all been about how bad her marriage is, and how crazy her husband is, and how she cries when she talks about it. And he said, of course he had to, that I lied about the M person. Of course the fire built again! I reminded him I never lied about the M person. That whenever he asked me something I told him straight out, and reminded him I came to him in the beginning and he let it go and encouraged it. (But I am not hashing out all that again. really I am done with it, we were both wrong and he knows it!) So he did agree with me. And I told him I am really not that comfortable with him being involved so much in her issue. Especially with the news I was to receive next and the following day. He than told me his boss told him to STOP texting because their contract did not cover it and he was costing her additional money, and reminded him it was not a personal phone. Uh huh!! I warned him of that before. He told me I can trust him, its all talk about her troubles and he would never do anything. And I believe him, I do, I really feel he could never hurt me that way. Intentionally. But I am still finding it hard to. (still went through his phone last night)

the next day Wednesday, my brother and sister in law were over and getting ready to leave when he got a text. He said it was no one. I found out later after they left it was Jim, Tammy's husband. ( I have to add a note here: the Tammy I am referring to in all these blogs is NOT Cody's mom! These are entirely different people. Cody's mom is great and comes from a family we have all known. For a while. So this Tammy, the crazy one, will be here by referred to as TT for troubled Tammy.The other Tammy, Cody's mom, will be referred to as CM. Confusing I know!)
He never call Jim back.

New Years eve Jim called him and left him a voice mail. He related it to me later in the night. Probably realizing if he kept anything else from me and i found out, I might not get over it as fast. He asked hubby why he was texting and calling TT. And I guess he sounded a little, troubled should we say. He told me he also talked to TT and told her about the conversation with her husband. She had a few more scary and sob stories to tell hubby. And frankly, these people need help. She is an educated women with sons my boys age. She needs to kick this ass out, get a restraining order and file for divorce. And although I feel sorry for her, I in no way want to be involved with anyone elses crap. And my husband does not need some schizophrenic jerk coming after him! And we all know how women can get attached when they see a caring guy who is there for them. It is just a real bad mix! I am most concerned about her kids, and if I ever here of a time he goes after them, I will be on the phone to report their ass to CPS real fast!

In closing, the last time she called was New Years day. I was there when he talked to her. I asked him, and he said he had not talked to her since than. I did not see the number on his phone. And he better bet that I will continue to ask. Even if I have to pretend i am concerned. But, for everyone who reads this, I love hubby so much. I do believe him. Something tells me to. Deep down i know he is not able to hurt me that way. We have been too close to that road before to go down it. He has changed me for the good in so many ways. i would not be able to do half of what I do today with out him. So please dear reader do not have any bad feelings for him. Maybe he does own me this little bit of worry and insecurity. But he is not a bad man, he is so sweet. And I love him!

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  1. Like Whoa.

    Other people's crap is never a good thing for your own marriage. Keep hubby close, keep closer tabs of crazy TT and her crazy guy. Put CPS on speed dial. Hell - just call now. Better safe then sorry.

    Good Luck!