Monday, January 11, 2010

The Substitute

So....last Friday I was substitute teacher for the kindergarten at Maple Street School. Wow!!! I was scared going in. Well,maybe scared is not quiet the right word. Apprehensive and wondering what to expect maybe more like it. Well, they tried to get away with things like you would expect with a substitute. I got the hang of it pretty quick, and learned most of their names by the end of the day. Especially the trouble makers! Some were cute, some were hard to manage, and some were really out there. It's funny how you can see their future personalities developing even at that age. Some of the girls you look at and say, wow, feel sorry for your future husband. If I ever get called back I think I would do better, knowing what to expect. The teacher left a detailed itinerary and I had a substitute aide for the morning hour. Its always the fear of the un known that gets me and tries to hold me back.

Today I went in for an hour to D's class to help his teacher test sight words. I like doing that, because I can observe how the teacher interacts and disciplines and I can file that away for the next time I sub. I am also trying to read up on substitute teaching and see if the school district has any training options. Which I highly doubt in this time of budget cuts.

So it was another new experience that turned out positive. Another bit of life experience to add to my resume, and I enjoyed it. Let's see what the next time brings.

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