Thursday, January 14, 2010

Team Edward........because Jacob does not sparkle!

I bowwowed that line from a website, I liked it!
So after countless questions and comments on my facebook page I decided to write a little thing about why I am obsessed with the Twilight saga. So bear with my self serving rant.

I always read Dan Brown, John Grishim and Nicholas Sparks. I often indulged in Stephen King and read biographies. Books have always been my salvation, the calming influence in my life. Between TV and the printed page, the printed page always won out. A little over a year ago, after hearing all this buzz, I picked up Twilight a few months before the movie came out. Thinking I would read one chapter and not like it. (Not being one to ever like romance novels, you know the kind with the women in the half naked guys arms on the cover. Always hated those!) Well, I read it in one night and ran out to get the second book. I did not see the movie in the theater. I felt like it would ruin the whole experience. Well, this fall I gave in and saw the movie and waited not so patiently for the next movie, New Moon, to come out. I have read and studied all the books three times, Breaking Dawn being my favorite. I have become a "Twilight Mom", the over thirty women obsessed with Edward and Bella and reawakened to the power a novel can have in your life. (with kind of no patience for the teenage girls who google over Jacob and don't get the in depth stuff going on between the lines.)

For those of you who have not read the books, its the love story that pulls you in, and the back stories of souls and salvation and inner struggle that captivate me. That and I can relate to Bella and her insecurities, her clumsiness and her felling that she has never fit in anywhere. And the overwhelming painful love she has for Edward, who finally teaches her to see herself for who she is. The movies, though I like them and can't wait for them, can not touch the books in anyway for depicting the powerful relationship they have. (The movies could benefit from a better screen writer and one that does not feel the need to PG it till it dies. Although, I know it brings in the money with the teen crowd!) At times I even forget the Vampire element, the characters are just so real.

So there you have it in a nut shell. I could go on and on, but, I would just end up boring you. This week I have started reading The Hunger Games. Yes I have left the Vampires on the book shelf for a while. But I have found a new liking for science fiction, at least written by women, and fantasy writing. The Hunger Games will make you think, in a 1984 kind of way. (Could we all become such pawns of tyrant governments so blindly?)

I maybe even start writing again myself.

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  1. I just saw New Moon on VK. I am always an Edward fan! He sparkles true - how can one deny that. :O)

    I am reading Shutter Island right now. It is a crazy page turner. Highly recommended! Missy (my sister) just recommended the hunger games too - I think that is going to be my next non book club read. Can't wait. thanks for the info!