Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Brother......

So, last Sunday I get a call from my mom, goes something like this; "Your brother is here and he has something to tell you." Brother gets on the phone.." Uhhh, hey...I am getting married July 10th." Me..."Wow..I am shocked...congratulations!" "Um you want to be in the wedding?" I respond"Yeah, of course! Thanks so much" Now I am saying, What was I thinking!

My brother is into long term relationships, but has never had a desire for marriage, as far as I know. He is a workaholic, 60 hour weeks and an hour travel time. He has worked for Walgreen's since high school and has worked his way up to manager and Pharmacy school. He is smart, good looking and pretty well off. A good catch for any girl. He is also pretty private, struggles with depression and holds some resentment for my mom. His relationship with me? Well, we don't talk much, and when we do it leans toward the awkward side. I try, he tries, we don't have much in common. Last fall his girlfriend of 6 years left him for another man. He had wanted a commitment, she did not want to give it. He was too good for her in my opinion. He bought a house a hour out of the city, about 30 minuets out from me. Nice house, a couple acres, and it holds his snowmobiles, four wheelers and football memorabilia. All he wanted right? Christmas he invites us all over and introduces us to his new girlfriend. SO much more in his league, also a Walgreen's manager, home owner and all that. Nice girl, I liked her. Now I am in their wedding.

My mom worries about what the hurry is. This girl can't remember my name and has me down as Groom's sister at the bridal shop she sent me to. I did not even know her last name to tell them when I got there. I am short on money and wondering how I am going to afford all this.( My hearing for the case against my former employer is this Wednesday) And in shock of why they want me in the wedding. Is my brother reaching out to me in the only way he is comfortable? Is his girlfriend making him? Is she just being nice? She has 6 other bride's maids, she could do without me. And I too am wondering what the hurry is. Is it because they are in their 30's and want to start a family? My brother had said when he found the one, he just seems a strange candidate for commitment. All that he has said in the past sound in my head.

This will be an interesting affair, to say the least.

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