Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I went to the dermatologist this morning. I have been having trouble the last year with these recurring warts on my hands.(I know not the most exciting of blog fodder, but hang with me!) I swear it is up to about 15, one huge one and a family of little ones. They are so embarrassing and they do hurt when you bang them. But most of all is the embarrassing grossness of them.(Is grossness a word?) And with K's wedding the summer and me being a bride's maid, I want them gone. So I go see the dermatology nurse-practitioner, nice guy, and he says the only way to get rid of them for good is to freeze them off with liquid nitrogen every three weeks until they are gone. OK. So I say, do it. Well my hands are in pain now. The little ones are already blistering and yucky , and the big one looks about the same but hurts like hell. I think he also froze half the good tissue around one. I thought my hands looked bad before, now it's worse! I need gloves like they wore in the old days. People are going to think I have leprosy! I am so glad I am not working this week. ouch...don't want to go there!

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  1. Oh Man, I hate that stuff. I had weird "skin tags" on my legs a few times. The first time they injected me with numbing stuff and then clipped. I thought that was horrid, but it worked. A few years later I had a few more and went back and got the liquid nitrogen. It hurt after and took longer to heal. The only benefit was it was fast and didn't hurt in the office. Six in one half a dozen in another I suppose. ... The things we go through for beauty! Hope your hands heal quickly my friend.