Sunday, March 7, 2010


Here I am! So much to say, and I probably forgot half of it. I think I went a month without posting. I should be watching the Oscars, but I have it on my DVR so that works. I don't know why I think my life is so interesting to people that I feel the need to blog, but hey, whatever works.

I have my appeal date from unemployment finally. March 17th at 2PM. I think I got hubby to go with me, so that's good. That one had been up in the air. I don't feel so optimistic about it. The JHC says, per Carol, that they had nothing to do with me being denied. So, if that is the case, than why would the government reverse their decision? But as Carol, the HR lady from hell has been known to be two faced, that might not be the truth. She tends to talk out of her ass. I need this. Working sporadically at sub jobs has not been cutting it. And I am getting deeper into missed mortgage payments. That seems to be the area suffering the most. And the whole oil business, but that is another story. A retroactive check from unemployment would make such a big difference. Time will tell. I will go in there and tell my story truthfully and see what happens. As long as I don't cry or start swearing and about that I can not make any promises.

D's progress with Nicole has been slow. I know what I need to do about making rules and sticking to them, which I find hard in two main areas. Bed and, well that one area, staying in bed. He could test the patience and resolve of the most seasoned saint. He has manipulation down to the line when it comes to what he wants. And he can be so needy at times and so obstinate at other times. Days he will need to be pasted to me and other days he is flying with the wind. It is a emotional roller coaster. To say the least. A lot of it I can see is his anxiety disorder and it makes him so crazed about what he wants at that moment he can see nothing else. Like asking me close to 20 times in church if I would stay at CCD with him because they were doing something different. That had him so worked up he could not sit still in mass and had to be on top of us. He had to hold on to both hubby and I to take the tour of the church they always give the first graders before Easter. And he has been with this teacher before. In fact she is my friend who babysat him all summer last year when I worked. He has known her since he was 18 months old. Hello D. UGGGG. I have to keep telling myself Nicole is not a miracle worker. It will take time .....

TT asked me, through hubby, if I would watch her kids a couple of days a week while she works. HELL NO! First of all, she has asked through hubby. Second of all I want nothing to do with her or her psycho husband. Third of all, I have my plate full to the brim with all my kids activities, sporadic sub work and D. I do not need to add two more kids, who I point out are a tad messed up from the crap going on in their house and seeing their dad run around with the neighbor women. HELL NO! And please woman, stop sending me clothes for my kids and now food. I do not like you. And that means you talk to and see my husband. Who in the past has lied about his talking to you. If you feel you need to lie about something, there has to be a reason why is all I am saying. I am not saying there is something going on, but you lied to me about not talking to her.(and flirty text messages)So , yeah I don't like her.

Friday I am going out with ny BFF S and another friend from the JHC A, to see Remember me. I am so excited to be having a girl's night out. Dinner and a movie, a Robert Pattinson movie, what could be better. (If it was Eclipse that would be better. But I have been looking forward to Remember ME)

Well, I am going to go watch the Oscar's. Tomorrow is another day to write more.

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  1. I have no idea why I think it is so important to read all my friends blogs! LOL. But I must say, I am happy you posted again.

    I have a little more perspective of TT. Your right. I'm glad you didn't agree to sit for her. You did good.

    Enjoy remember me. I am jealous. I really, really want to see that.