Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Book Review

"For you, a thousand times over!"
Hassain from the "Kite Runner"

Where else can I discuss my favorite books, but my blog. When I read a great book I just have all these comments running in my head and need to get them out. So yea, I will continue to write book reviews. Maybe someone even reads them.

I first read The Kite Runner four years ago. I was drawn to it by the current events of the world and the fact that my brother in law was in that part of the world with the Air Force. I picked it up again last week and reread it, in two days, and cried. Again my brother in law is in Afghanistan, and again that country is in the news. Again a timely book. But more importantly a book about families, sacrifice, honor, brotherhood and cultural rules. A book about where do your true loyalties lie, and who would you sacrifice yourself for. Hassain and Amir grow up in the same household, but in different classes, unaware they are brothers. A coup, and than the soviet invasion changes their way of life, along with a personal attack, and personal choices, that leaves Amir questioning himself for the rest of his life. After an escape to America and the building of a totally new life, Amir has to return to Afghanistan to confront his past and save the son of his brother. A brother he denied in the past, but a brother who stayed loyal to him. A brother he never knew was. This pits him against his former country, the Taliban, and societal rules. But ultimately gives peace to his soul.

Check it out. Let it make you think, because it will. Our choices effect others, and us, for the rest of our lives. No matter how we try to hide from them. And it might open your eyes to a misunderstood culture and people.

So, now I am taking a trip back to YA and Shiver. I will let you know what I think about that one.

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