Monday, April 26, 2010

Little League Baseball, Dumb Ass Parents and Adam Sandler

Actually the Spencer/Brookfield Little League C belong to is pretty good. The focus in the AA and AAA divisions is on fun and learning the game. Pretty laid back. You have the occasional parent who has to comment on every move his/her son makes. Like; "that's the way to get in the professionals!" or "Get under the ball next time!" Really guy, the kid is 10, relax! I like C's coach this year. He spent a half hour with C helping him bat and telling him stuff his father A)does not know, or B) has no time to practise with him. The guy is kind, knows his stuff and is really laid back. I spent the first half of the practise last night trying to figure out who his voice reminded me of. Typical New England accent, but something was just like nagging me. He sounds like Adam Sandler at times! after I realized that I kept giggling to myself. I have an unexplained attraction to Adam Sandler. Like in the Wedding Singer, I really liked him in that. But anyway, back to baseball. at one point one little kid, and he is little in stature, got a line drive right in the chest. The kid was scared and hurting. The coach ran over picked him up, and brought him back to the bench. Asked him where his dad was and the kid was crying so hard he could not answer. Now I thought I saw the guy he came with just standing there. I was thinking it was his dad, but the guy never came over. The coach came over to me and asked me, and I really did not know, so as he was going through his stuff to find phone numbers I was going over to the kid to comfort him and check him out. When all of the sudden the guy walks over and was like, "Um, yeah, Iam his dad." The coach and I look at each other like what the hell. The guy watched for 5 minuets while the kid sobbed and was in pain, and all the other kids were scared and he did not say a f-ing thing. Never went over when the coach picked him up, was checking him out, never said a word. Weird! Another mother was like you should call your doctor and have him checked out, and he was like, baa he's fine. The guy looked like he was on another planet! Dumb Ass! after practise C was helping coach "Adam Sandler" pick up stuff and I was like what was with that dad. And he agreed with me that it was just totally off. He said he felt soo bad for the kid. I said I know. Later in bed I thought I should have suggested he report it to the league president. It was just so odd. You had to see it.

Well anyway, I am sure I will have more baseball stories to come. C has done awesome his first few practices! I am so proud. Really better than last year. I am so happy, he loves Baseball. I so want to see him succeed. But I just sit there and get excited when he actually hits a ball or catches one. I leave the coaching to good ole' "Adam Sandler"!

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  1. Oh that poor kid! Was the guy stoned or something? I hope the coach called the house later to see if the boy was okay.

    Coach Adam Sandler, now that is funny.