Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Morning Prayer

I have to come up with some way to make it through my mornings intact and not being a screaming crazy woman. I dread the mornings. They are the height of D's "meltdowns". In reading a book I picked up on raising NLD kids I came across this paragraph:

" Some children with NLD, left with no alternatives for coping, rely on meltdown to inform the world that a situation is completely intolerable or that their sensory systems are completely overloaded." ~ " Greene defines meltdowns as the point when a child who is completely overwhelmed by frustration losses his capacity for coherent rational thought" - Raising NLD Superstars, by; Marcia Brown Rubinstien

Wow, describes D every morning of his life. And I suppose my screaming meanie routine does not help matters. So what set him off this morning? What totally overwhelmed him? In thinking back I have come up with a few major points.
1) He did not want to go to school. He felt his cough was a major illness not a seasonal allergy and that I did not love him because I wanted him to go to school.
2) Asking him to get dressed when he did not want to go to school.
3)Not letting him have a cookie after he threw his cereal away.
4)Yelling at him and "looking" at him when he was trying to yell his reasoning to me.

Now we all know I can not give in to him 100% or even 50% of the time. That he does not have the words or the emotional reasoning to explain his frustrations to me in a socially acceptable way. So I have to find a way to stick to my guns and not give in, but also not yell, scream, blow up, and heat up the situation more. The thing that seems to calm him down, intense long hugs and climbing all over me, can some time also try my patience, and boarder on the annoying. So.....here is my prayer:

Dear God
Help me to find the strength and power to accept my son's unique temperament and find a way to have a calming morning. Help me to overcome my own limitations and triggers to be a calming influence in my home. Mary, mother of all mothers, help me to fill my children's hearts with love and bring them up in a strong kind way and discipline without bring them down. I bring this to you with an open heart.

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