Thursday, April 8, 2010

So much to say...So little time!

I have a lot to write about from Easter and the big debacle it was,(mostly in my head) to where I stand with D, to a new book review on Eve, which I finished this week. But the sad fact is I have to sub tomorrow and the whole idea has me on a ledge teetering toward falling. I think the more I stay at home, the less I desire to work. I love working with kids, that's what I do in my part time job and all my volunteer work. But the times I sub are few and far between so I tend to freak out the day before. To be honest, I like not working. In reality is it feasible? In the long term, no. Uggggg....I get overwhelmed when I have too much on my plate. And my too much may not be too much for someone else. Does that make sense? Anyway, T is going camping this weekend so I will have Saturday night to blog to my hearts content after the kids are in bed. Did I mention TT is going camping with them also. Without her husband. I don't like it. Thank god there are going to be allot of kids there. When do I get to go?

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