Friday, April 30, 2010

This Weekend

This weekend is going to be crazy. I should head off to bed as I am dead tired, but I have to wait for the dishwasher to stop anyway. I babysat for my friend K's four kids to day. Her little one I had from noon time on, her older ones I picked up from school with mine. I usually don't mind. When I worked full time she was the life save who babysat D when he was three. But today I was just so dog tired, and to have 6 kids. It killed me. (D has been an emotional strain for me this week...ooh so much going on in his little head.) Their Dad picked them up at 6:30. T breezed in around 7:15, ran around getting ready for his camping trip and than was off after scoffing down some food. He had to go to TT's and put her kid's bikes in his truck for the camping trip. When I said I wanted him to get involved in scouts I meant with our kids not everyone else's. Tomorrow C had opening day for little league and than a game at 5. We have to be at the parade starting point at 10:00 AM, than there is all the festivities at the field. I have to fit in a stop at the store some where in there for all the stuff for C's first communion party. He is making his First Communion on Sunday. And than back to the field for the game. When we finally get home I have to clean and cook for Sunday and get the boys settled. I wish I knew what time T was getting home tom! Sometimes I feel like I can not do anymore. I saw TT when I was picking all the kids up at school. There she was with her perfect hair and cute little outfit, and all put together. I was in old crappy jeans, a too big shirt with berry juice on it, sneakers, and someone eles's 3 year old hanging on me! I was thinking, I wouldn't blame T at all. (Damn self pity! Really it gets you no where!)
I should take the advice of one of my BFFs, let it all go, it might be freeing! I do the best I can. I am working next Friday, and Monday and Wednesday the following week. Back at the JHC, because I am crazy. No, because it is work and all my part time work looks good for unemployment. I have three major events I am planning for my Cub Scout Pack coming up in may, and my brother's Jack and Jill shower. And if I can get through C's First Communion, which I am really looking forward to, without going crazy on my family, than I will be good. Oh...wait..Mother's day is next weekend, I have to shop for that. And I am just soooo tired. Ugh, damn self pity!!

Well off to bed. D should be waking up again anytime crying for his father and wanting to get in my bed. Fun!

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  1. Man, only a few days without checking all my fellow bloggers and I am so out of the loop. I hope the parade was fun. And yes, having other people's kids is so tiring sometime! LOL, but good friends are so hard to come by, and remembering having a sweetie pie attached to you when you had to see your nemesis will make you smile later. Kids are the best accessories.