Monday, April 26, 2010


So, some updates on last week's posts. In case anyone was wondering.

Ninja camp went great. The boys absolutely loved it! I was wishing C would take Karate after that, but for all he loved Ninja camp, he is not going for it. I think it would be good for him. Get him off the couch. But I will not pressure him, maybe after baseball season is over he will give it a try. they have some great summer camps planned and I would like D to go to at least one. But he won't go without C, and it is more expensive for non students. So we will see. D has karate tonight, maybe C will go to.

T and I spent last Wednesday together without the boys, they were at the before mentioned Ninja camp. Well, it started with him in a pissy mood which he always is when he has to spend the morning with D before his med kicks in. I let stuff roll, T, not so much. And his pissy mood carried all through breakfast and into browsing at Bob's furniture. I wanted to put a new couch on lay away, we would have year, he would not let me. We so need a new couch. But anyway, even though I know its not the case, sometimes I feel like he does not want to spend time with me. I am so sick of the pissy moods. Some of D's crap you have to let go. It makes me sad and moody and tired too. But what if I always walked around with a pissy mood. I swear the world would end. Now it's not that I think so much of myself, but they all do depend on me. The only time he was "happy" was when he was trying to get me in bed! Now you spend all morning pissing and moaning and grumpy and than think I will jump right in bed with you! Please don't think bad of him, I love him so much, but its just my observations. I feel a disconnect he does not. He thinks its just my poor self esteem. I think there is a wire unplugged so to speak. A wire from our relationship that I so want plugged back in. Maybe it is just me!

In other news, after much turmoil and confusion my brother in law is finally back on American soil from his third tour in a war zone! I can not wait to see him! The boys will be so happy when I tell them!

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  1. I know it is so tough when moms have to be the strongest or the voice of reason all the time. S does a pretty good job, but I swear sometimes he is so unplugged and just wondering why I am stressed. We do hold it all together sometimes.