Saturday, May 29, 2010

And the weeks fly by....

where is the year going? I feel like the calender just turned and here we are looking at June. Not that I mind. I mean June brings Eclipse, and C's tenth birthday, and summer. But also the end of school, which will slow down my writing time. I have been neglecting my blog because I have been working on my writing of other things. ( a story that is driving me nuts and taking me in a total direction form what I thought when I started writing it) But I go on.

The boys are status qua. We have had a pretty good week. Mornings still challenge me and D. But I am coming into a rhythm. Summer will be another challenge.

My brother's jack and Jill shower is tomorrow. Let's see how my mother can embarrass herself or me, and how she can get on T's nerves. My dress is in, I have to go get fitted for that. I picked up my shoes today. I should have some good stories from all this.

I am so done with the M person. He called me yesterday and it was so bad. I have to question my sanity in the past. After talking to my BFF, I think a clean break is the best way to go. Avoid them and maybe they will get the message. His call did nothing but creep me out. I think all the prayer and reflection has cleaned my head. I have asked forgiveness from T and God and myself and now it is time to move on. The plan of action will be to not answer the phone, and avoid. If he calls again like that I am going to have to tell T.

So T gets a text from TT's husband earlier this week saying he is getting divorced, was thrown out, and yes it is mostly his fault. This was a group text he sent out to all his scout friends. about immature and crass. I do feel sorry for her! No wonder she was crying last weekend. What a ass. And T has not heard from her...yeah! Maybe I can stop glaring at her and aiming for her car at parent pick up. Naaa! No need to let my guard down that much!!

Tonight was nice. We had a fire and cooked outside and relaxed. Went in and watched the rest of the Sox game, and now the boys are in bed. My mother only annoyed me a little today. So I am a happy girl......for once

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  1. Write while is all fresh! My sister is a very talented writer and always tells me how she writes stories in pieces and never from beginning to end. When she gets an idea she doesn't know if it will be part of a large book or short work. It amazes me how people can have so much inside to write about.

    Hope the shower was fun!