Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First Communion

Other than the fact I erased all the pictures on accident, First Communion was wonderful. I am so glad I had C do it. Even if it was two years late. I even had a tear in my eye, and my brother came, and I was able to ignore my mom and my mother in law's crazy comments and enjoy C's moment. And he grasped how important it was and I think he has a new appreciation for his faith. He loved the silver cross I got him and wears it to bed every night. I was sad to find out that he can not wear it to school! They can not wear religious symbols. Any one else see a problem with this? I sure do! I have to decide if I want to fight it, I so much more to fight for though. All in all it was perfect. Sunny day (really hot though) all the immediate family there, and I felt good about it. Can not say enough how proud of C I am!

A funny side note, well funny now. Above my couch in my living room we had two glass cases (plexi glass) with about 22 replica NASCAR cars in each. A while ago T noticed they were pulling out of the wall (cheap wall board) but had not done anything about it or said any more. Well Sunday AM I am in the kitchen getting food ready and was about to have C go get in the shower, we had an hour before we had to leave, when all of a sudden I heard a crash. I turned and all I saw was replica cars and glass go bouncing across the living room! I rush in and the one right over where C was sitting had fallen off the wall. He was sitting there covered in dust and was saying "I didn't do it!" I was freaking out because I was sure it must have hit his head. Miraculously, he was fine. Scared but not a scratch on him! So we had that whole mess to clean up before we went. And than when we got home T had to take the other case down, even though people were here, I did not want the other one to pull out. I really should have had him take them down when he noticed it. I must be slipping on my nagging! Never a dull moment.


  1. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow:P)

    SO glad C was without a scratch!!!

  2. hmm, one more thing. He can't wear a cross, under his shirt? Is that legal to say he can't? Doesn't sound so to me, but I so know what you mean about having so much out to fight for.