Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just a few words....

I just wanted to get somehting out, maybe clarify a bit. What I write here, in my blog, is my first person account of events in my life. One hundred percent the truth, from my eyes. I write the first thing that pops in my head when I am writting about a situation and I do not censure my self. I value my honesty, I can not work through these issues without that honesty. My past struggles with depression and anxiety have benifited from these truths, putting them down in wrtting unburdons my soul. My only fear is that it will cloud others perception about the people I write about. (very few know the location of this blog). So keep an open mind and know that my husband is a good man. We have both made mistakes in our marriage and take that blame. We can olnly be who we are. He works hard, he deserves to complain. That said....I go on.

I am creating another blog on livejournal that will be solely for my fiction writting. (poetry, short stories). Once that site is up and running I will tell select people. I am a little nurvous about putting that out there. I write my fiction with the notion that I alone will read it. It is easier to write what I want that way. So I am taking my time with that new site, with my indisisive mind!

Allright... I feel better. Thanks for all the positive comments and keep reading :)

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