Sunday, May 23, 2010

Time for a Break.....From Scouts

As in the title I said it's time for a break from scouts. But not a long one as I have a fundraiser car wash planned for the second week of June. But, the weekly meeting plans and monthly pack meeting plans are done for a couple months at least. The big Blue and Gold Banquet went well last night, no major mess ups for me. And I did not take any ones head off, so that is a plus! I hope I made everyone happy. As much as I know that is impossible, I always try. I realized I hate the lady that is my treasurer. I mean there is not too many people I hate, but she is just a stuck up witch. she never gives us the money when we need it and I always pay for everything out of pocket. And I don't have a job! Than she says to me, "That's the cake you got?" Yeah, it was small, but no one ever eats the cake. And again no one ate it. So kiss my butt lady. Anyway, the highlight of my night was when TT came in crying and someone had the need to come tell me. Yeah, her jerk of a husband was there, so I could see why. Was it bad of me to rejoice inside when see teared up when she saw T take my hand? I felt a little bad..but he is Mine!!!

So next weekend is my brother's Jack and Jill shower. I am excited. I wish I could tell him all that is in my heart, about how much I want us to be closer. I really want to seize these times as my opportunity, but do not know if it is appropriate. Oh the trials of life!

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