Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What am going to do with him

D! I don't know. I think I am going to have Children's Friend take over his meds and maybe something can be done about the horror that is the morning time. I had told the school at his IEP meting not even four weeks ago that they might see some more aggression and I wanted him away from the older kids. But, like everyone else, they were like D, he is so sweet. Well, maybe he is sick of hiding the aggression at school. I got a call this Am form the principal who told me D was hitting on the playground and that the a group of fourth graders told him D had said he was going to kill them. D denied it, but sounds like something he would say out of frustration. I doubt he means it, but he always goes for the shock value. Especially if the kids he wanted attention from were ignoring him. I have a call in to Nicole, his therapist, who was already bringing his case to consult. I buckled down last night and made him stay home from C's baseball game for his moth to me. He is going to be in for a surprise. He really needs a social skills group, and I think an anti anxiety med. Along with getting him to realize the consequences of his actions. He should thank his lucky stars I am so devoted to helping him and finding the proper treatment course. I am tired...but not giving up. I have wrote of how tired I am of the mouth and the behavior and I just keep plugging along. Nicol wants T go to the next appointment, this Thursday,but as always he says there is no way he can get out of work. I doubt that. I am going to ask him again in light of these new developments. He already told me I worry too much. I have to, that is my job!

Dear God,
Please give me the strength to face my days and find the right words to help D in his times of frustration. Be with me as I parent and guide me in my path. I ask for your help with peace and calmness in my heart and greater understanding. I bring this to you with all my heart...Amen

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  1. It is amazing how we parent with so much guilt associated with it. We all do it, even if we are doing a great job, which you are! It is okay to be tired and okay to worry too much - I believe that is all in the handbook ... which none of us ever get. :P) Keep plugging away, keep doing the best.