Monday, June 14, 2010


I have come to the conclusion that expectations count for a lot of unhappiness in the world. If you lower your expectations, you are surprised when things turn out a lot better than you may have expected. If you keep them high, well you know, things turn out sucky. So my main thought is to keep a middle of the road attitude when it comes to a few things. Like my husband anticipating my needs, yeah it ain't going to happen. Or, parents showing up for a scout function or volunteering. Ain't going to happen. I will have to ask people right out. I think I will have to stop short of appointing people, I am not comfortable with that. I am just crabby that no one wanted to help at the car wash and that the weather was against me. Poor turn out and poor funds raised. Hopefully no one complains when I have to raise the membership fee, roll the dues all in. And the husband, well he is never gong to anticipate anything. It is just not in him. I have come to terms with that. But I am going to keep my expectations high for myself. Because I actually have control over me. And I think I am going to still expect big things from my boys, because I know they have it in them. So maybe the moral is to have more reasonable expectations. Does any of this make sense?

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