Monday, June 21, 2010

The First Day of Summer

I love summer! A slower pace, cooking outside, fires, camping and my garden. Tonight after dinner I was outside and wattering the gardens while the boys were eating ice cream on the front porch swing. T was cleaning up from dinner and it was just relaxing. I came in thinking it was like 7:30, it was twenty minuets to nine. It's just so much differant when you don't have to worry about school in the morning and hurrying out the door. You can just be. That is one reason I am so loving the not working full time. So loving it! I mean there is the crazy stuff like finding what to do with the boys all summer that is constructive, (and the fighting that will also take place hourly between the two) but all in all I am looking foward to sumer.

C missed the last day of school today (which was a half day and D said they did nothing,so why bother) because he came done with strep. He had his tenth birthday party saturday and all the kids were great and everbody had fun, and it was just a great day. But after he said he had a sore throut. And he was just tired. I thought he was worn out from being in the pool all day and running around in the heat. So I gave him plenty to drink we sat and watched movies in the AC, and he went to bed. Well Sunday he woke up saying it hurt more and he could not swallow. Long story short, strep. Poor guy! First full day on antibiotics and he is feeling sooo much better. But I found out my crappy insurance does not cover "routine" antibiotics! So I had to pay for the amoxacillin. It is not too expensive, but what the hell does this insurance pay for!

My mom had to get new license plates for her car because she had the old green ones MA wants to do away with, and she got a rejection sticker for that. So I took her to the RMV today, with the boys, and she goes to do a simple plate exchange. She comes out an hour later with NO plates, a plate return receipt and almost crying. She somehow unregisterd her car! She went to the kiosk and must have read it wrong, and returned the plates, and than got mad at the woman behind the counter. So I than had to take her to her insurance company to get a insurance stamp and she has to register the car all over again. She refused to go to the RMV again, so the insurance company is going for her tomarow. So her Jeep is sitting in my yard with no plates. And T has to bring her to work tomarow, which, yeah...that went over well. And I have to go into the city to pick her and her plates up. I should have just went in the stupid RMV and did it for her myself. I swear she is getting more confused, hopefully just with technology. Or maybe she is feigning stupidity. But whatever it is she is making me nuts. I cold go on and on about how stressed she makes me. I just hope to god I am not like this when I am her age, I really do not want to drive my kids crazy! At least I know I am crazy and I am doing something about it. I mean prozac is a wonderful thing!

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  1. Oh my, how awful for your mom. I mean, I know it reverts back to you in the form of extra stress and responsibility. But man does that DMV have any compassion for an old lady! To be a fly on the wall in there. I hope it all works out.

    Glad C is feeling better and that summer is starting off with a smooth beat. My little guy gets out tomorrow and I cannot wait to sleep in and hang out.