Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How I know I am getting old.....

Getting older is starting to bother me. Turning 35 later this year is really hitting me hard. So much more than 30 did. Especially when I think of these things:

1. My son is turning 10 in 21 days!

2. The little 5 year old who was my ring bearer just graduated high school.

3. Some of my friends have gotten married for the second time.

4. I see more gray hair in the mirror every day!

5. I have actually paid off a vehicle, and drove it till it died.

6. My younger brother has gray hair!

7. I find myself saying cliches my parents did that I promised myself I would never say.

8. My knees "creek" when I bend down.

9. I have regrets (lots of them)

10. I never get carded anymore

Now granted 35 will not be that old, I just find myself finally feeling grown up I guess. It just sucks when you figure out you started high school 20 years ago, and you are no where you thought you would be by this point in life. I think its just my younger brother's wedding bringing up all this. AHHHH

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  1. 32 did that to me. I was pretty hung up on the fact that one of my best friends was not old enough to watch ALF in prime time. That my neighbor didn't know what "you can't do that on television" was. OR that no one else loved re-runs of Cheers. What can I say, I watched an ass load of TV as a kid. :P)