Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am confused

Dear Mr. President,

You might have to explain something for me, it seems I do not get this whole health care reform bill. Even that expensive college education I only finished paying for a few short years ago is not helping me understand this. It seems to be screwing me over, big time! You see we are paying more in health care premiums every week, we have a higher deductible and they are not covering meds my child needs. I went to the pharmacy today to pick up his prescription and ended up paying $180.00 for it!!! Because the insurance will not cover it. It seems there is a cheaper alternative. Well yeah, we tried it, he can not take it! So maybe they will end up covering it and I can get reimbursed 60%. Maybe I am missing something here.... who does this plan actually help? And where the hell are those new jobs you created because I can not seem to find them! So glad I voted for ya!

A pissed off former democrat!

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