Friday, June 18, 2010

On writting and doubts

So here is a totally different post and one that is happy. I am trying to forget the crap of the week and focus on something writing.

So the last few months I have been writing like crazy. I have produced three poems and two short stories. I dug up my folder from college and my senior year of high school that had five short stories and one that I had published in 1996. There was also a note from a professor stating that my writing showed promise and, I quote, " you posses a good vocabulary and have a creative flair. Especially your use of imagery in poetry." And the note with the published work stating I had great promise. Somewhere along the line though I gave it up. I put it away for lack of time or ambition or ideas, I don't know. But lately writing has been my sanity. And I really love it.

So I had this idea I would start another blog for just poetry and short stories. But my fear is someone could steal my work. Or, that no one would read it anyway. I mean I have no idea who reads this blog aside from my two best friends. But I would love some feed back on my writing. Being a writer has always been my dream. I don't know if I have it in me, but I just love to write. To let the words just flow from me as they will, of there own accord. To just write the first thing that pops in my head. (Much like I am doing now.) I mean, I stay up late all the time to write. From random ideas to fragmented poems, I have file, on top of file, on my computer.

So what do you think? A blog for my writing? Or put on this blog? Let me know. I have some people I know who want to read my fiction, but I would never want them to read this blog!

On another kind of funny/unbelievable note, when I dug out my old folder I noticed I had a draft of a short story. A story I wrote two different ways,but basically the same story. The plot, a women who marries her high school sweet heart, and cheats on him with his half brother, who is out for revenge over an inheritance. I wrote it in my senior year of high school, 5 years before I got married. I turned one version in as a creative writing term paper in college and got a 94. I had forgot about it until now, 16 years later. I wish I had not read it. It really is a good story though.

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  1. I would definitely read it. My sister has a writing blog at word press that is really cool. I know she'd love to read your work if you want healthy criticism once in a while.