Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What am I going to do........

I had to stop and write this quick, even though I still have a ton to do in my garden. I was on the phone with my BFF J when the call waiting kicked in and it was the M person, I ignored it! Fifteen minuets later, call waiting again, it was him again. I ignored it. I do not get to talk to J a lot and I was getting annoyed. it is long distance and I was talking here! So I am talking away and folding laundry in my room, when the dog starts barking. I look out the window and the M person is in my driveway!!!! Okay, so I do not answer the phone so you decide to get in your car and drive to my house! SO I told J and she told me to "Get rid of him!" Which I did but it took a while. I did not let him in, but he had his daughter, who is a cutie, so I was nice. Than when I thought he left, he came back! Dude, he wanted a hug!! But I made like I was on the phone. Than as I sat here writing this, he called me again. So, avoidance is not going to work. That seems to be back firing on me. I was hoping once school was out, and kids were home, and all were busy, he would stop calling. This must be pay back is some form. Now when I want the guy gone he stays around. UGGGGGGG! I am going to have to tell Todd. Uggggggg!

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  1. Crazy, crazy, crazy! You did the right thing.

    And I loved talking to you! Sure hope you all get to visit.